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About us

QR-HELP is a service that offers you the most modern and easiest SOS way. QR-Codes are becoming more and more popular and that's what our system is based on. We use the recent popular technology, the QR-Code, to build a connection with our server to show your personal information and Medical data to the first responders. You can simply insert your data and freely choose what you want to display.


SOS-Tags or capsules are already distributed all over the world but they also have disadvantages. While creating QR-HELP, we took care to keep the advantages of the basic SOS-Tags and turned their disadvantages into advantages.


The system is simple: The first responder scans the Help-QR-Code with any mobile phone that has internet access, a camera and a qr-reading app and immediately gets redirected to the personal help page of the patient that the user already configured before.


Our servers are extremely secure and we host the service ourselves. That means we have the full control of the data of our system and so you. Nobody but you and the first responder can get your data, so you can be sure that nobody will get your private data. Your data is open to everyone that knows your SOS-code or scans your QR-code, so you can fully control who gets your data.


Our products
We offer an annual subscription, with all the features. With this, you get 6 stickers with your personal QR-Code. We also offer various accessories with your QR-Help code ready to use. To get one of our products, please place an order online. You can find our assortment under "Products" in the menu.


Our motivation
In 2010, seeking an opportunity to improve a capsule called "SOS" in the form of medical records on USB key, QR-Help was created to work in private to be then offered to various organizations for rare diseases. Currently, other features are in development.


External volunteers

  • French and german translation: Luc Beurlet
  • Luxembourgish translation: Loïc Beurlet
  • Spanish translation: Chantal Lorang
  • Dutch translation: Marc Aardoom
  • Portuguese translation: Alexandra Da Silva Gouveia
  • Polish translation: Darek Kurowski
  • Graphic design consultant: Sam Thilmany


Here you can find our downloads:


Our servers are secured with the latest technologies. The connection between your browser and our servers is encrypted by the TLS/SSL (HTTPS) protocol. Our server certificate is validated by Let's encrypt.


As we are a service of a non-profit organization, our development resources as well as those of our future projects are limited. If you want to support us, we would appreciate a small donation. You might do that through paypal, as well as through bank wire. Thank you in advance.