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New website coming this year
Written on 25/07/2018

We are constantly trying to improve QR-Help. As QR-Help celebrates its 5th birthday this year, we are working hard to release the new version of our system later this year, as anniversary gift!
What will be new? Well, we don’t want to spoil too much but there will be plenty of new functions, a new way to register, a new look, a new logo and a new help page.

New QR code labels
Written on 18/07/2018

New QR code labelsWe are now shipping out new QR code labels. But what is new about the new labels and what are the specifications?

First of all, our new labels reflect our new look that we are progressively rolling out. It is a cleaner, simpler design with stricter coherence. The new design includes our new logo.
Additionally, the new labels have new QR codes that seem a bit different (no orange border) but they basically contain very similar information than the old one. The error correction level has been increased, so up to 15\% of your QR code can be damaged.
Comparing the old labels to the new one, you will notice that the general size of the labels has decreased. This leads to the possibility to stick the label to smaller spaces. Nevertheless, the QR code size stays the same the guarantee a high compatibility with the majority of smartphone cameras. The new labels are also presented in new colours: As the text is written in black on a yellow background, the visibility and readability increases drastically.

We are using a new printing technology that is way more precise and we only print one colour to have an increased contrast. After the print, the labels are laminated with a special PET-layer to increase physical resistance. 

Even if we are progressively distributing the new labels, rest assured, your old QR codes will still work. And if you order a dogtag, we will put a white label on it instead a yellow one.

GDPR compliance
Written on 23/05/2018


Since the very beginning of QR-Help in 2013, the data protection was always our priority. The 25th of mai 2018, the new European data protection regulation 2016/679, also called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect. For our users, nothing will change: We have always made sure that all data is treated with the utmost care. This article gives you an inside into our data handling, including information about the data collected and their treatment. Attention: This article is for information purposes only, the binding legal information are the clauses in our terms and conditions accepted by each user.


Which data is collected?

The following data is collected if you register:

  • Names
  • Contact data (postal address, e-mail, …)
  • Brith date
  • Registration date & time
  • Registration IP address

The following data is collected (for statistical purposes) on each visit of our website:

  • IP address (anonymised)
  • Date & time of the visit
  • Information regarding your browser and your operating system (“User-Agent”)
  • Language settings

In the case that you have an account and you provide medical information, this information is saved, too. Additionally, we save the last time you updated your medical data.


Who can see my data?

The data you provided during your registration can be seen by yourself and the QR-Help staff. This information is only used for communication purposes, identification for security mechanisms and for shipping.

Your medical data can only be seen by yourself and every person that scanned your QR-Code or entered your help code in the dedicated field on the QR-Help website.

The statistical data is only visible for the QR-Help staff and only in an anonymised form. An identification of an individual person is never made.


Are there data transfers?

We do not share your information with third parties. We set up data protection agreements with all our subcontractors, according to article 28 of the GDPR. This contract includes precise data protection mechanisms and binds all parties to extreme confidentiality. These subcontractors are only selected if needed and a correct operation of our systems would not be possible otherwise (like Data center operators). There will not be a data transfer in a non-EU country.

At the same time, we do no accept data from any third party.


How can I make use of my rights according to articles 12-23 of the GDPR?

  • To delete all data of or by you, use the dedicated function in your user panel. Have a look at our terms and conditions for information about your rights. Some information cannot be deleted for legal reasons (e.g. invoices). The statistical data cannot be deleted, either.
  • Your data can at any moment be updated in your user panel. Some data, like names, can only be changed manually. Contact us if you wish to do so.
  • For all other rights (Right of access, right to data portability, …), you may contact us.
Security: QR-Help going SSL/HTTPS
Written on 22/09/2015
new SSL

Since yesterday, QR-Help is using an encrypted connection between your browser and its servers, an SSL-encryption. The 'https' in front of our address '' is notifying you about the fact that every single information that comes from or goes to our servers is completely encrypted, making it impossible for others to intercept the data and read or modify it. As we wanted to have the maximum security for your personal information, we’ve opted for the latest, modern cipher suite. However, this is only a change for the browser-server connection, the data was and will still be saved securely on our servers. A little side-note: as we are only accepting bank wire and PayPal payments, your recent payments were completely secured. We have not and will not save any credit card or bank information in the future. In addition to the encrypting, our switch to the SSL protocol will show you a valid certificate from a known Certificate Authority (in our case GeoTrust) that certifies that we really own the domain name ( If you see our domain name together with the valid certificate, you can be sure that you are on the correct website and nobody pretends to be us.

Here is the official GeoTrust seal, click it to learn more about's certificate:


Shipping fees updated
Written on 17/09/2015

QR-Help has recently been obligated to adapt its shipping fees, as Post Luxembourg have updated their shipping prices. Please visit their website for further information about their update and have a look at our shipping fee list over here. Starting today, we have to charge 1.90€ for shipments to Luxembourg and 3.45€ for foreign countries (except Andorra and Switzerland).

If you have any question, feel free to contact us on our contact page.

Rare diseases day 2015
Written on 26/02/2015

We want to support any person that suffers from a disease. Especially people with rare diseases could be interested in the QR-Help, as it is crucial for the rescue team to know about the rare disease in the case of an intervention. During the worldwide rare disease day 2015, we'll therefore offer a reduction of 10€ to every* ordered subscription, this even for renewals. Of course, people who don't suffer from a disease may profit from this offer too. You don't need any reduction code, simply order your subscription that day. Take advantage of it and subscribe your family!
If you want to know more about the rare disease day, you may want to check out their official website maintained by Eurordis.

*This offer is only valid the 28th february from 00:00 until 23:59. The only product with the reduction is the basic subscription and only one subscription (1 year) at a reduced price is orderable per person.

QR-Help goes in its new round
Written on 20/02/2015

We have updated our system, please welcome the brand new version 2.2.1.

As unimportant this number may be, the new/ameliorated features speak for themselves:

  • A brand new design.
  • Be notified when your order gets shipped.
  • Nearly complete mobile website.
  • Contact relationships are now being translated.
  • Corrected bugs and translation mistakes.
  • Easier to use if you are not into online ordering.
  • Higher security.
  • Faster website.


Stay assured that we haven't changed anything on the way we treat your personal data, it will remain secured and stay on our servers without any copy on a third party device.

We'll always improve our website and adding new features so get ready to be surprised with new functions in the next month.

Insert multiple emergency contacts
Written on 26/10/2014

As requested many times, we've decided to build in a function to save multiple emergency contacts to be shown on you personal help page.
We're now glad to present exactly that function. In the previous version, you were only able to insert one physician and two emergency contacts.

In this version, you're able to insert as many emergency contacts as you which, but remember:
Your help page still needs to be as clear as possible, so don't add tons of useless contacts. Two contacts that will respond to a call are better than ten contacts who don't even know you.

Multiple emergency contacts list

Multiple emergency contact details

QR-Help in the media
Written on 11/03/2014

QR-Help has again been in the news: Reporters of RTL Radio Luxembourg have presented QR-Help with Interviews with Loïc Beurlet, the webmaster of QR-Help and Dr. Michel Hoffmann, a luxembourgish neurologist.

Therefore, we have created a new page: QR-Help in the media, that has a list of all publications in the international media.

To relisten the report of Raphaëlle Dickes, click here. Or click here to listen to a copy on our servers.

QR-Help on every screen
Written on 21/02/2014

Did you know that the QR-Help Help page has specially been designed to fit on every possible device? It doesn't matter if you use a smartphone, such as an iPhone, a tablet, like an iPad or even a computer. The help page is always optimized to show your medical data as clearly as needed.
Our help page has been tested on every iPhone, iPod touch and iPad version with any iOS version (up to iOS 7). It is also compatible and tested on Android devices and Windows phones. Our system automatically tests the size of your screen and switches to the optimized version for your device.