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What is QR-Help?

QR-HELP is a service that offers you the most modern and easiest SOS way. It uses the QR-code technology to ensure a quick access to your medical data. Your first responder simply reads your personal Help-QR-Code with any smartphone with a QR-Read app and instantly gets all your medical and help data. Our system is extremely easy to use and secure. Get more information

How to subscribe?

To register on QR-Help, you only have to submit an order. During the order-process you'll need to select "Create a new account". To submit an order, go to "Products" (upper menu) and add your desired products into your cart by clicking on the "Add to cart"-Icon. The product "Basic subscription" is mandatory. Submit your order by clicking on "Checkout". Create a new account and after the activation of your subscription (so after payment), you are successfully registered.


  • Save your complete help data
  • Freely choose displayed information
  • Instant display of help information
  • Full QR-Code control
  • Easy to use
  • Extremely safe
  • Disable code if you lost it
  • Get new code after read
  • 35 € / year
  • More